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■ It offers the following advantages over traditional bearing materials

- The material is non-conductive and so offers protection against
   electrolytic corrosion
- Virtually no swell in water
- Dry running capability
- Protects housings from corrosion
- Elasticity reduces the effects of hammering
- Tolerant to misalignment and shaft deflections
- Stable measurement by low coefficient of thermal expansion

We are preparing to become a global company of growing
together as a business partner the world industry.

LUNA® #15GR(ST) Cooling Water Pump Sleeve Bearing
LUNA® #15GR(ST) Circulating Water Pump Sleeve Bearing
LUNA® #15GR(ST) Seawater Lift Pump Sleeve Bearing
LUNA® #15GR(PACM) Condensate Pump Sleeve Bearing
LUNA® #15GR(ST) River Water Life Pump Sleeve Bearing

■ PVT Graph for LUNA® #15GR(ST)

1. Plants, CWP, SLP, SCWP, COP pump bearings
2. Rainwater pump station, Water supply, Sewage facilities, Drainage sheet pump underwater bearings

Main customer: not firepower, dangjin to Seocheon Boryung thermal, firepower, armour, South of Jeju thermal power,
                           nuclear power plants, coal-fired, Seoul-Incheon, firepower, sex, young, natural plants, Korea gas
                           engineering, POSCO power, Iljin electric South River pump, shinwoo East-engineering, heavy industry, etc.
                           lubricating feature and a proprietary solid lubricate buried therein.