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■ It offers the following advantages over traditional bearing materials

- The material is non-conductive and so offers
   protection against electrolytic corrosion
- Virtually no swell in water
- Dry running capability
- Protects housings from corrosion
- Elasticity reduces the effects of hammering
- Tolerant to misalignment and shaft deflections
- 1/7 lighter than Bronze Bearing

LUNA® #15GR(S)-Stern Bearing
LUNA® #15GR(M)-Rudder Stock & Pintle Bearing
LUNA® #15GR(M)-Rudder Carrier Bearing
LUNA® #15GR(SP)-Hatch Cover Support Bearing

■ Quality

- ISO 9001 approval
- Improved durability
- Condensed Construction Bearing
- Copies of our approval certificates can be viewed.

■ Rudder bearing - LUNA® #15GR(M)

■ Stern Bearing - LUNA® #15GR(ST)

■ Hatch Cover Support Pad - LUNA® #15GR(SP)

- Polyester Resin & Synthetic fabric Polymer with PTFE(or Graphite) Insert
- 1/7 lighter than Bronze Pad
- Long durability, excellent corrosion resistance
- Save cost about 40%
- Can be used for Bulk Carrier, Container Ship, Bridge, etc.
■ Installation Method

1. Freeze Fitting
- Liquid Nitrogen : Immersion and Vapor method
- Dry Ice and Alcohol
2. Press Fitting
- Pressed into the housing
- Tight interference only
3. Bonding
- Binder : Epoxy, Acrylic, Cyanoacrylate and Polyurethane

■ Max. Bearing Pressure Rating


■ Self Lubrication

- Multi/twin Groove Bearing
- Water cooling and Lubricate
- Hydrodynamic film to lubricate
- Remove debris by velocity of water in grooves