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Composite Fiber Sleeve Bearing


- Water related engineering
- Transportation equipment
- Oil pressure(Cylinder)
- Railway vehicle
- Heavy euipment
- Machine industry

  • LUNA 10N※ Properties
  • Cotton fabric reinforced laminated material, excellent oscillating movement of hydraulic sylinder, shock-absorption, heat resistance and wearing resistance.
  • Usage boundary is diverse for the exellent mechnical strength, high insulation for non-conductor.
  • For excellent oil endurance, it can be used for lubrication oil and hydraulic oil, etc.
  • LUNA 15GR(PACM)※ Properties
  • Used fabric and resin material of resistance high temperature and for lubricated application.
  • Suitable for use with abrasive contaminated fluid.
  • Optimum underwater perfomance.
  • Can used for non lubricated appplication.
  • LUNA 15GR(PA)※ Properties
  • Change the properties of 15GR(PA) material, capacity of 15GR(PA) add for excellent resistance of high temperature and high durability.
  • LUNA 15B/BG※ Properties
  • Non-asbestos fiber reinforced laminated bearing material for lubricated application.
  • Non electrochemical corrosion effects.
  • Low friction.
  • High load capacity.
  • LUNA 25
  • Glass fiber reinforced laminated bearing material.
  • High load inside diameter can be machined.
  • Outside and wear properties under slow speed oscillating movements.
  • Resistant to shock loads.
  • Good chemical resistance.