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1993.07 I-PASS Company established
2000.02 I-PASS Corporation Incorporated
2004.11 One million US dollar Export Tower Award (Ministry of Commerce)
2005.12 Venture Company listed (SMBA)
2006.08 Innovation Business (INNO-BIZ) (SMBA)
2008.02 R&D Annex Composite Materials Institute established.
2008.06 NEP product certification (NEP-MAKE-2008-021), the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2009.07 Marine Composite Bearing Lubrication developed
2010.12 5 Thermal Power Plant Stations of co-developing projects (CWP, SLP, SCWP Bearing) "Excellent" rating
2013.02 Parts & Material specialized Company (smba)Head Office & Manufacturer
2014.07 Excellent Performance Certification (21-282), the Ministry of Knowledge Economy