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Our company was founded in 1993 by ideology of challenging and creative and achivement sprit. Since the production of
the hydraulic cylinder seals of 4 Fluorpolymer (PTFE) material, we've developed and produced new composite resin material of wearing items and copper alloy material for oilless bearing system.

In 2008, by established a laboratory for "composite material technology", this occasioned us to develop the fabric resin
impregnated laminated material further and acquired the certification for "bearing wastewater and sea water pump" from
the development of knowledge Economy.

In 2010, We've developed "CWP, SLP, SCWP Composite Bearing for Seawater Pump" with 5 Themal Power Plant Stations
(Central, south, West, East, East-West Power Plant Station) and received an "Excellent" rating. Currently we are supplying
our products to 5 Thermal Power Plant Stations, Korea District Heating Corp, & Pump manufacturers, and so on.

In 2009, as of completion of "Marine Composite Bearing Lubrication Development, we acquired 10 countries of certifications for vessel class.
Currently we are supplying our bearings of Rudder, Pintle, Carrier & Disk, etc to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Sung Dong Shipbuilding Company, SPP Marine, etc and we are reinforcing overseas marketing and exporting as well.

As future resources are finite and the metal material must be replaced future material, all I-PASS employee firmly promise
you and do our best to develop a more lighter, strong and more environmentally friendly composite material technology by
creative, persevere and indomitable spirit.

C E O Kim sun-jin